Will this PSU work?

Soon I am going to build a pc for the first time. I will use it for gaming, video editing, 3d animation and web surfing. I will use three monitors for it. I want to know if the CX750M from Corsair has enought power for my rig.
Here are the specs:
Intel Core i7-3770k
Sabertooth Z77
2 Gainward Geforce GTX 670 Phantom in SLI(Factory overclocked)
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600mhz DDR3 Ram(Might upgrade to 16GB)
Intel SSD 330 Series 120GB
Corsair CX750M Modular PSU
Corsair Cooling Hydro H100i
Corsair Vengeance C70 Case

I already have a keyboard, mouse and a DVD drive. :)
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  1. If you don't have any of the parts already I'd heavily advise against the Asus Sabertooth and getting an Intel SSD. The Sabertooth offers nothing that a board costing $80 less would offer, and Intel SSDs are not as reliable as they're made out to be. Also the H100i is pretty cool but the Corsair Link software isn't ready for prime time from what I've been told.

    The CX 750 will work with that setup but better would be something like the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W.
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