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When I choose 'details' view by folder for a folder in my library, only an icon is visible. When I try to choose details, the choice box is blank. I can see details if I arrange in an order other than folder, such as 'name' or 'date modified'. This also happens when i do a search. The results come up in details view, but there is no file name, date, file type etc. column by which to sort by. I go to View->Choose details and there is nothing in the window that pops up that should be showing me a long list of file attributes i can show. I have tried Control +, but there are no column labels. This only occurs in library folders. Any help appreciated!
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  1. I resolved the problem by deleting the libraries, then creating new ones and adding the locations. Restore default libraries didn't work. Hope this helps someone else.
  2. Hi. Which libraries should I delete? And how do I create and restore new ones?
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