Ok, so I have had my gaming computer up and running for a while, and today I woke up and decided to reroute the PSU cables underneath the mobo, for aesthetic purposes. I got it all rerouted and plugged back in. Now, when I turn on the computer, the back fan, (which is connected to CHA_FAN3, doesn't turn on, unless I plug it into the second cpu fan slot. Th display doesn't show up on the computer, and once I press the power button, it can't be turned off. I'll press the power button, and it will come on, every fan is spinning, but no display. Then, when I want to turn it off, the power button doesn't turn it off, I have to flip the hard power switch located on the PSU. What could be the issue?
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  1. A wrong connection, a shorting issue? Check again all connections. Start the board with a minimum configuration - remove unneeded PCI, USB devices or SATA drives.
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