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Hey i'm kinda new to the thread so i'll just be brief. Currently I'm running with an Nvidia Geforce 8800GT, ram is 2GB on windows Vista core 2 duo, not sure on the clock speed, cause I'm not sitting at it right now. The main question I have is should I upgrade my graphics to the newer lines or would it be a little cheaper to get another 8800 and run them SLI? Currently I am playing Skyrim at High with the settings customed a little bit. I have a few hang ups and probably drop to low 30 and high 20s during gameplay. If I need to upgrade,where would be a good place to start? Thanks.
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  1. Sli will be a waste of power consumption and money(they scale very poorly), look for a 660 gtx 2gb or 670 gtx 2gb on newegg/amazon.
  2. Are there noticeable differences between the 660 and 670? Basically is it worth the extra $130 to buy the 670?
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    Do you play @1080p? do you need all games maxout at ~50-60 fps ?

    If you play at a resolution bellow get the 660 gtx, if you answered yes to the 2º question get the 670 gtx.
    Of course if your in a tight budget the nvidia 660 gtx will do, you'll see a huge improvement compared with the 8800gt.
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  5. alright, thanks for the help.
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