Upgrade to OC gaming rig.

Hello Everyone,

I'm planning on getting a new system and was wondering what mobo/cpu would be best for OC. I have a ga p35t-dq6 with core 2 duo e6750 running at 3.2 ghz (could push it higher with cooling) but I don't feel that it's cutting the butter anymore.
The majority of use will be for gaming, surfing the web, and watching tv/movies (sometimes all at the same time).

I had thought to go with the 3570k + z77 mobo because it's the latest, but there doesn't seem to be a big difference between the 2nd and 3rd generation i5's. I could be wrong. I've heard of people getting 4.4ghz air cooled (with somethign like a h212) ivy-bridge and IIRC 4.7ghz (same cooling) on sandy.

I will put a 560 Ti in the rig (because I already have one), and I might add another for SLI. In any case, I want to be able to SLI the machine. I would like integrated graphics port on it in case I upgrade to Haswell in a year or two and will use it as an office PC. But in case Haswell is too expensive and I can get a 2nd cheap video card I will crank up the OC and SLI.

Someone was telling me that the best thing to do is get a 3820 and x78 board because it will still have 1 more year of upgradability, but looking at the performance difference between sandy-e and ivy for my uses, I don't think that extra year of upgrade paths is worth the extra 450bucks I would have to pay for the cpu and mobo. Any thoughts on that?

To sum it up, I will buy a mobo/processor/ram/cooler quite soon. I want bang for my buck and OCability. I am open to getting 2nd or 3rd generation cpus as well as lga1155 or lga2011; however for lga2011 i need someone to explain the justification for price increase, because I don't see it. When OCign I would like to hit 2ghz ram and at least 4.5ghz cpu OC.
Also I live in Korea, if any of you are familiar with prices/deals in this country.

Money is somewhat important because I plan to buy a decent laptop soon. It should also be able to play games (670mx or better). Apparently the ones at xoticpc are nice. Any feedback on laptops would also be appreciated.

Oh yea for price sensitivity, it seems like $500 bucks can do what I want to do with somethign like 3570k, z77, ram, and fan. Less is better, but because I live in Korea don't worry about the pricing too much. It was around $900 for the x79+3820+ram+fan.

Final note, with Haswell being so close, are there any votes to wait it out and see what the Haswell platform will offer in a (very long) few months?
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  1. i dont see no reason to what for haswell cause the 1155 socket pretty good now and in you get a i5 3570k you will be able to up grade to the i7 3770k if you want a little boost in cpu proformance it wont help much in gaming but 1155 is offically dead now no more upgrades and 2011 will get their next upgrades but like i said before the i5 3570k is a pretty good cpu that will be my next upgrade from a a10-5800k to tell you the true its not a big upgrade for me but i need a new motherboard so i go head and get the so called best gaming cpu so i recommend you getting a i5 its cheap compared to the i7 3820 setup
  2. Yeah, don't get the X79.

    If you want to wait, wait. If you want to buy, buy. It's very simple.
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