Am i missing something here hd7950

Hd 7950 for 111$ is it cause this card sucks and im not seeing why or should i jump on this?
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  1. on amazon its a different card. its not the 7950

    look at the card title on amazon "MSI N640GT-MD1GD3 nVidia GeForce GT 640 1GB GDDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI PCI-Express Video Card"

    BUT the pic shows the 7950 LOL...

    Bet you would get a 640 for that price.

    Looks like an error, dont jump on it
  2. A Nvidia GT 640 is certainly not a HD7950.

    Don't know why that site thinks it is....

    Nevermind, they used a 7950 picture for the GT 640
  3. Heh i thought domething was fishy got the link off pc part picker and its actually listed as a 7950 there at 111 from amazon then right under it its listed at 289 from newegg or something... odd

    Thanks much guys
  4. the 7950 is a good card if you do end up picking one up :)

    I had my credit card out when I saw that on part picker
  5. Yeah the 7950 is a killer card and a good bang for the bucks (it was launched above 400$ but can now be found for as low as 300$). But yeah, at 111$ it would have been an absolute steal. No wait, actually it would really have been a steal, like some dude stole it from a hardware store and tries to re-sell it to get some crack, lol.
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