PC Won't Start - Please help! [RAM issue?]

Hey guys,

Been having some headaches with my PC (my first build) as of late. My specs are as follows:

AMD 960T (Quad) @ 3GHz, Corsair 8GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Radeon HD 6850, Asus M5A97 Pro mobo.

Now this PC has been running well for a good year. Then within the past 2 months I had a couple of blue screens, I can't remember exactly what the error message was but it was something to do with memory.

Then one day my PC crashed on me having to press the power button to carry on working.

When it originally died, I managed to get into safe mode for awhile on a couple of boots, trying to backup data etc, but couldn't load normal mode as it would freeze on the Win7 logo loading part. (the logo would actually freeze). After a few attempts at this it then wouldn't boot at all.

The problem now is that it is failing to operate. It powers up ok, but I am getting nothing displayed on my screen.

What I have tried:

- Testing all 3 output options from my gfx card.
- Tested different monitors
- Tried each stick of RAM individually.
- Pressing the MemOk! button to try reconfigure the RAM.

Each time with the same result.

The DRAM_LED is constantly lit, and I have tried pressing the MemOk! button to try reconfigure it but nothing.

So straight away I'm thinking I'm going to have to cough up some money for some new RAM which I'm ok with, could be a lot worse, although it's just out of warranty -.-'

My only concern is that I find it a little hard to believe BOTH sticks have malfunctioned. Could it possibly be my motherboard? I also don't want this to happen again or to buy new RAM only to realise it's a motherboard problem (say, the RAM docks for example)

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  1. Does your PC make beeps when starting it?
  2. No, no beeps at all.
  3. Most likely memory is not your problem.
  4. What could be is your hard drive, either something has corrupted your Master Boot Record or your Hard drive is damaged.
  5. What you could do first is boot it from the CD/DVD and do a repair, if that doesn't work you'll loose your data with these two options, either do a complete rebuild and if that doesn't work then it sounds like your disk is damaged and will have to replace it.
  6. Could be the HDD in all fairness. It has been 4-5 years of constant use. Only 250GB so not a huge ordeal.

    However surely I would still get to the BIOS? Currently I am getting absolutely nothing on screen (just says no signal).

    Also I've plugged the HDD into another PC and backed up all my files (so no worries if I have to wipe the disk), so it does still work. Maybe not the Windows boot though.
  7. 4-5 years is really good time for a HDD, usually I only get about 3 years worth with mine.
  8. No signal could be a problem with the connection with the board and the connector, maybe take out the graphics card, and put it into the motherboard VGA/DVI slot and see if it works.
  9. If you don't see a prompt for bios be a problem with your motherboard, either it doesn't like the monitor, the drivers aren't the correct ones, have you flashed your BIOS recently?
  10. Yep I've tried flashing (connecting the 2 connectors and removing the battery) 3 or 4 times now. No signal at all.

    and the mobo doesn't have an inbuilt graphics connection :/
  11. Possibly you're video card died? try testing it with another graphics card
  12. Will try that. Any other suggestions? Odd one this is.
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