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My son has a two or three heard old gaming computer with an ASUS P6T deluxe mobo. I want to get him a new video card for the MSI N670GTX a good pick, and will it fit/function in that old board? I'm getting too old to keep up with all this stuff myself so I'm open to suggestions. Budget is up to about 450 or so.
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  1. Yes, it should work, but what Power supply does he have? also size of case? (if it will fit)
  2. Well if you want to get the best bang for your bucks let us know your screen resolution your son will be gaming at. High end cards are an overkill for low resolutions. I myself max out most games at 1600x900 (which is kind of low) with an HD 7770 (which is not high end). Also like kracker has stated you should state your power supply wattage/model.
  3. Thanks for the info. The case is a pretty standard looking tower with the PS on top. I believe it is a Lian Li. The PS is a Thermaltake TR2 RX 550 modular. His current card is an nVidia 9600gt, Dual DVI, 512mb. I don't know about the resolution, but he uses one 24 inch display for Battlefield 3 and some other war games that I am not familiar with. Lately he has been fooling with a zombie game called Dayz I think. I know he says that he has to crank down the graphics settings in his games with his current setup.
  4. With that psu i'd recommend the 660gtx ti.
    Nevertheless, It will gain a huge performance boost vs 9600gt.
  5. even a stock 670 is a helluva a card but like last guy said, the power supply really won't deliver. if you get the 660ti don't tell your son you were thinking of the 670... LOL...........
  6. Get him a GTX 660 TI. He will really like the performance and he shouldnt need a new PSU either. Here is a card he's gonna like:

    Your being an awesome dad buying your gaming son some hardware. Good work
  7. Thank you all for the good advice!
  8. Actually your psu can handle a 670, or even a 680. These cards consume pretty less power, even at load. 670 is a good deal right now at around $370
  9. ksampanna said:
    Actually your psu can handle a 670, or even a 680. These cards consume pretty less power, even at load. 670 is a good deal right now at around $370

    I agree. but I didnt wanna stir up with people saying Oh 550 isn't enough
  10. I don't think that card has 33 amps does it. or didn't anybody look ? and it isn't how many watts........... that's BS.
  11. Would it be worth getting a new PSU as well?
  12. rhino737 said:
    Would it be worth getting a new PSU as well?

    Personally I would, not because of the rated output, but because of the brand....Thermaltake isn't the absolute worst, but its down there... You can still get a 550w though as long as it has around 38A on the 12v rail for a 670...and if you want to keep it modular, I found this at a reasonable price:

    I would say that paired with a 670 would make for a great christmas :)
  13. I don't mind getting a PSU with more power that costs a little more if he needs it for a little growth potential or some more overhead. Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. there's a couple of really good corsair PSU's aswell, some are a little pricey but mine(tx850, got on a 40% off deal) is super quiet and delivers more than enough power, And either a 660ti or the 670 will deliver a massive upgrade in performance :)
  15. Not much of a difference between the 660ti and 670 gtx to justify a new psu and much more money spend in my opinion, see this:

    Now against the 9600 gt it will be like 1000% gain performance.
  16. I ended up getting the MSI N660 Ti PE 2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB. It works great and he loves it. Thanks for all the advice everyone.

    Merry Christmas!
  17. Good to hear!
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