Radeon 5750 Doesn't work anymore

Hello everyone,

So I have been trying to figure this all out for at least a month off and on. My graphics card was working just fine then I tried to put more RAM in not knowing what I was doing and I messed up all kinds of things.

Now I have looked through lots of forums but cant seem to find an exact answer to my situation.

What is happening is that now the only thing that doesn't work is my 5750 graphics card. It worked fine before I messed everything else up. I sent it back as there is a lifetime warranty and they said that it was working fine. I get it back and it still doesn't work.

It is getting power because the fan spins, but it isn't recognized by the pc. I have done the generally stated bios adjustments, driver installs and various other things.

That being said here is my base machine:

Since I messed up my processor playing with things I got a new one:

Here is the card:


I also went from 4gb of RAM to 8GB of RAM.

So now my graphics card doesn't work in the computer. I think it is getting some kind of tiny signal because my monitor says "Check signal cable" when it isn't plunged in and "No signal" when it is plugged in.

The only thing left that I can think of is that while it is getting power it isn't getting ENOUGH power is that even a possibility? It seems like if it has power to spin the fan around it should have power to send at least some signal. Other than that as it has been proven that the graphics card works I don't know what else it could be.
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  1. Does the PC post at all? (meaning when you turn it on does the monitor display the BIOs information?)
  2. looking at the PC, i'm going to go ahead and guess incompatible ram, I experienced the same issue when i upgrade my PC few years ago, i upgraded everything but the ram.. which was DD2 and the mobo required DD3, the reverse is probably you're issue. dd2 ram is outdated and would cost almost as much as the MOBO.. your best bet would be to upgrade the MOBO, just make sure it's compatible with the CPU you bought.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131795

    would be a compatible budget MOBO (at least with your CPU, would need to see the ram to make sure it'll work)
  4. Thank you very much for the helpful comments. Wonderful suggestions that I will try right now.
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