Stock cpu fan doesn't fit?

Purchased a bunch of parts for a new pc build I'm working on and ran into a problem today trying to put it together. I can't get the stock fan onto the cpu and I'm not sure if it actually doesn't fit or if I just need to apply more force it looks like it is just off by a little bit but it is really tight.

My motherboard is an asrock 970 extreme3:
And the stock cpu fan i'm using is the one that came with the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition cpu:
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  1. Those should be compatible...I don't know what the problem would be. How many builds have you done?

    I've done a couple builds where it feels like it has to be forced a bit, so you're probably fine. AMD still does the single bar with two connect points I believe, and those can be quite tight. This is by design, as you need a tight fit for the heat sink to function properly. Then again, I don't want to tell you to crank on it either because I don't know what your definition of "too much" force is. Long story short, you will need to apply some good force to attach the cooler, but do it carefully.
  2. the trick with those bar cpu coolers is clip on one side then press down the other may need a flat head screw driver to help.
  3. I had this issue when I had a 965 BE as well. Hook the side without the lever into place then press down on the side with the lever until it hooks on. It will take ALOT of force. Once both sides are in, flip the lever. This will take a decent amount of force as well.
  4. Read the Mobo manual. I had some hard time putting on my stock cooler also, it indeed takes allot of force, that made me think the mobo manual was wrong. Dont be affraid to damage anything, a motherboard is quite flexibel

    Hope this helps you out.
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