I found two 660ti GPU\'s which should I get? (I will put the links in)

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  1. The asus without blinking.
  2. Go for this one:

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 660 Ti Windforce 2X OC 2GB

    Its the fastest GTX 660Ti out there. Check any benchmarks. Better than Asus.
  3. why should I pick the ASUS?
  4. the ASUS has 13mhz more clock speed but the EVGA has 1GB more GDDR5 memory. The EVGA is also a few dollars cheaper because of the sale and it comes with two games instead of one. My questions are which is the better card and why and which one should I get?
  5. i just got the Evga superclock i would go with that. it is locked to 980 and while in a game it overclocks itself to 1150+ highest i have seen mine go is almost 1200. plays all my games maxed. with the precision x program it never goes above 53c. pretty sick card. and honestly 13mhz not nothing.
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    Well the Asus is overclocked higher and looks like it may have a better cooler. Either way, both cards will pretty much max out any game currently out at 1080P and max out most games up to 2560x1600.

    You're choosing between a .44 Magnum and .50 Cal. The .50 Cal is more powerful, but both kill in one shot (assuming you play at 1080P).

    Decide which game you want/like or can sell if it comes as a box. I personally think the extra memory of the EVGA FTW will be more useful at higher resolutions while the clocks of the Asus will be better for higher settings and more demanding games.
  7. thanks for the help
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