GTX560Ti stutter in all games I play?

I really dont understand why and how this card performs like the way it does before I explain in detail here are my pc specs.

i5 2500k sandy bridge
gtx 560 ti 1gb evga non overclocked
8gb ddr3 ram
1 tb hardrive
750 watt crosair psu

Now most of my games I run on max arma 2,gw2,BF3,SC2,WoW all those are pretty high end games. Now I have a stable fps in all of those games but I have stuttering issues in almost every game it seems the fps is good but it so annoying when I move around it will lag kinda and camera skip.

Now my first question is why does it perform well fps wise but cant stabelize it self.

Secondly my gtx 560ti doesent sit in the pci express slot 100% its like 90% still turns on no problem but could this effect performance?

My games run good but stutter a bit and its getting really annoying.

Also the stutter is minor and major in some games but every game seems to have a few hiccups.

I did make sure that drivers were copletlety sweeped once i repalced my hd 6670 theirs nothing amd left accept a error on start up on trying to find an AMD file but I dont have any hardware that is amd realted nothing.

Please help thank you in advance.
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  1. vram. the card doesn't have enough. the 1gig frame buffer can't store all the information so it offloads. the 560 also can't render frames fast enough which also aides in stutter. ( lets see somebody figure that one out )

    FPS mean nothing. there are more aspects to card performance than MOST reviewers tell people.
  2. then why was my mouse pausing after i ended the game? i ended the game everytime i would move my mouse it would pause for a second. and my whole system went super sluggish
  3. it dosent make sense i avg about 80 fps except when the game stutters it drops to low fps. i think it stutters when it tries to load something but im not too sure
  4. If you are getting any errors related to AMD, then the driver isn't completely uninstalled.
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