PCIe not working, what do I do ;__;

I just bought a new low-end graphics card (XFX ONE) and plugged it in to the PCIe 2.0 slot on my mobo.
and there is no signal to my monitor when I boot up. even when I plug the VGA cable to the onboard VGA out.
I took it out and messed with the BIOS settings, set it to PCI, nothing. PCI-E, nothing. Onboard, nothing.

I really just want this to work. and suggestions?
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  1. Probably related to a video setting in the bios if you were using onboard graphic. Go back to the onboard, go into he bios and then set graphics to pcie
  2. I did. it still did not work, I thought it was a power supply matter, (the power supply in my computer is only 250w) so I switched it with a 400w supply and still nothing :/ I really just want this to work ;_;
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