Advise needed Photo/Video editing on a budget

I have built a few systems in the past but they have always been general use / gaming systems built around AMD CPUs and GPUs. This one I want to build is for a friend who will only use this PC for photo and HD Video editing and a bit of internet surfing but definitely no gaming.

This is not for professional use, he is a keen amateur photographer but doesn’t need a super mega powerful machine, just something a bit quicker than the steam powered one he is using now :D

I was hoping to bring the whole build in for around £350 - £400 excluding the monitor. I have always used AMD in the past but quite willing to give Intel a go. I was thinking of using the AMD Piledriver FX-6 Six Core 6300 Black Edition 3.50Ghz as a starting point but open to any advise/suggestions.

Is he going to need a Graphics card or is something like integrated graphics on the motherboard or CPU going to be enough for HD Video editing, as I said above it doesn’t need to be super fast, just not painfully slow.

USB3 on the mobo will be essential as he has a few USB3 external drives.

I really would appreciate any advise or suggestions. I am in the UK.
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  1. No takers then :-D
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