My laptop will not read my USB flash drive

i JUST bought a $1000.00 computer with Windows 10 and I can't use my flash drive from work. It is very frustrating.
Actually I hate windows 10 cant find my way around it. I find myself using my other computer which is cheaper and has less bells and whistles.
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  1. windows 8? what make and model of computer? You should have heard me when I started windows 8. then I found the stupid windows key, learned some shortcuts, setup autologon and scheduled a task to flip me into the desktop. Now everything I want works as expected.

    Note: some computers will go into low power mode for the usb devices and actually turn them off depending on the BIOS settings. If you have this you can plug in a flash drive and the stupid port is actually powered down and will not detect the device. Last time I looked at this it was a EU setting on a ASUS motherboard (it actually powered off USB ports during sleep if it was enabled, makes it very hard to wake the machine with a USB keyboard)
  2. Try drive in ANOTHER computer...
  3. I called HP and my work system Microsoft professional 2003 is not compatable with my home computer of Microsoft 10. So now I have a new computer at home that I cannot use for work.
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