Asus 670 top vs asus 7970 dcII


Both of these cards are within my budget. but at the end of the day which one gives better performance?

I play graphic heavy games and swtor as my only mmo.

so which one would you recommend?
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  1. Depends on what type of fan boy you are. Are you an AMD fan boy, or a NVIDIA fan boy?
  2. I'm neither. I buy what card give the best performance for my budget
  3. Th e 7970 is faster and cheaper.

    Is there a particular reason you're picking cards with bad reviews though? This ones clocked higher, cheaper, and sapphire is generally better
  4. Newegg reviews are not reliable.The answer is simple, GTX 670 DirectCU II was born TOP, a video card generous in every respect. With high performance. ASUS is set to make inroads into the hearts of hardcore overclockers thanks to a generous factory overclock and quality components designed to increase the frequency.This 670 is the shot caller slaps the other 670's around makes them bow down! I would be all over that Asus TOP for its high factory overclock, cool temps, and really, really quiet fans,heavily modified PCB, with an efficient VRM design to produce low temperatures, improved voltage regulation circuitry, much better Chil controller , specially binned chip and voltage control and monitoring support that you won't find on most other non-reference cards. The 670 TOP was the best card ever tested by techpowerup.
    From best to worst from techpowerup

    ASUS GeForce GTX 670 Direct CU II TOP - 10.0 rating (only card ever to get a 10.0)

    Gigabyte GTX 670 OC 670 - 9.8 rating

    MSI GTX 670 Power Edition Twin Frozr IV - 9.7 rating

    Palit GeForce GTX 670 JetStream - 9.7 rating

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 670 AMP! Edition - 9.6 rating
  5. yes, but is it really worth it tho. I've seen some recent reviews where the 797- dcII pooped on the 670 top and it was by a good bit and the 670 was behind the 680 too. but also why I'm leaning toward the 7970 is the game bundle... far cry 3 and hitman absolution with sleeping dogs is too good to pass up
  6. So get the 7970.If you prefer both are great cards and preform within spitting distance of one another.You cannot go wrong either way!
  7. I'm impressed by that GTX 670. Quite impressing indeed. What's the price of it and can it hold up well against a top-overclocked 7970 ghz?
  8. on the performance of the cards it depends on what games you play they are very close but the 7970 from a raw power stand point is better and overclocks like a beast. While the gtx 670 sips it power and runs cool & quiet. I have a gtx 670 and i love it but i'm no fanboy at the time of i got my card if the 7970 was as cheap as it is now i probably would have gone with it.
  9. the asus matrix which is an awesome card is available here
  10. The 670 and 7970 perform basically the same at stock up to 1080p resolution, trading blows depending on the game. The 7970 will OC better and do better at high resolution (and has way more compute power), the 670 gives you PhysX etc and lower power draw. Both are solid buys around the $400
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