Is there a 2011 winner for N dual-band WiFi router?

Hi All,

In looking back at the routers that have come out this past year, what would you say right now is a great, battle-tested, well-featured router?

For me, router functionality comes first with WiFi functionality close behind.

In trying to comb through reviews, etc. I'm leaning towards the Netgear N900 Dual Band Gigabit router.

Any other candidates I should (or could) consider?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I found these charts over at SmallNetBuilder which has a ton of great data and benchmarks, but I'm not the most experienced to understand what is meaningful and what is noise :( They also have WiFi charts...
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  1. BTW every router has some issues, so I'm trying to get something that performed as strong as my DIR-655 did.

    I've used two of them and each time they are super-strong workhorses with little issues.

    But I just figured since I'm putting together a new network now, I wanted to upgrade a bit - assuming there is something worth of replacing the DIR-655...?
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