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Dual DVI PCI Express X16 video cards

I am building a new Windows 8 system running 4 monitors and replacing 2 dual DVI DirectX 9 cards for it.

I am NOT doing gaming; so I don't need SLI or Crossfire.

I am editing and rendering 1080p video with Vegas Pro 64 bit.

The news cards will be going into PCI Express X16 slots.

Would love to hear your recommendations on best bang for the buck!
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    Why would you bother getting two video cards and NOT crossfiring them? Just makes sense, to me.

    That being said, if you aren't gaming, the Radeon 7750 HD is your answer... but it'll be bottlenecked by those PCIe slots if they aren't at least 2.0
  2. I wouldn't think you'd want to get a low end card for video editing with a program the supports openCL. Of course I also wouldn't think you'd buy two cards either....
  3. Dark, I'm getting an MSI 990FXA-GD65 V2. Crossfire and PCI Express X16 Slots weren't around the last time I built a system. I assumed those slots would give me good performance without the need for Crossfire, but I don't know. So that's why I'm asking. Is Crossfire going to give me significant performance improvement for video editing and rendering. I heard it would not.

    Unksol, if you know of an option for running 4 monitors without getting 2 cards, I'm all ears.
  4. But I do need a card that supports OpenCL. So, what is the relationship between OpenCL, Crossfire, and/or SLI?
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