AMD 7770 not compatible with ECS PT890T-A motherboard


I have an old computer with a ECS PT890T-A motherboard. I just purchased a new AMD 7770, but the computer will not boot. I even tried using my main pc's 850W power supply to no avail.

Is this a motherboard compatibility issue? Like PCI xpress 3.0 not working in 1.0?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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  1. ECS offers driver and BIOS updates on their website, it might just be an issue of the BIOS not being updated to work with newer PCIE cards. Try flashing your BIOS and see if you have more luck.
  2. PLZ PLZ PLZ TELL ME THE SOLUTION, THIS IS BEEN GOING FOR 5 MONTHS NOW, sorry to bring a thread back up but before I clicked it I got all exited thinking this forum had my awnser, PLZ tell me how you solved it I'm stuck in the same position as you.
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