Looking at Upgrading GPU, HD to SSD

Intel DX58S0 Motherboard x58 Chipset
Intel i7 950 @ 4.05 GHz
16 GB RAM (4X4 @ 1600 MHz)
ATI Radeon 4870 Crossfired
Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM

So I've been rocking this computer for three years now, it was built in November 2009 and has done me well, and still is good by today's standards, but I've gotten lag in games (Far Cry 3 mostly) that have come out recently when I play on higher settings, and it's really annoying for me.

I know this is caused by my GPU, so I've been looking at upgrading that. My choice right now is to go for the 7970 and crossfire those.

Is it worth it to spend a grand to get two of these, or will one of the 7970's be better then my two cards right now?

The other question I have is about my Hard Drive and Motherboard. I've wanted to upgrade to Solid State, but my motherboard only supports Marvell, and 500 Gb/s, not the 600 that 3rd Gens can pull off.

Should I upgrade my board and processor to get the extra 100Gb/s of speed?
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  1. I would upgrade the mobo and cpu before anything else, then maybe get one 7970, it should run anything at 1080p just fine, unless youre using some ridiculous resolutions. SSD is an afterthought, it makes life nicer, but it doesnt really affect gaming much unless you install your games directly on them, which only makes for less loading screen time. Its better to stick your OS on the HDD.

    I wouldnt look at it as upgrading your mobo and CPU to just get a faster hard drive, but to have faster, everything else. :P
  2. about ssd, i am using one, intel. Intel (before) is not known for blazing speed (ssd) but are very reliable.
    sure sata3 is faster than sata2. But, in real world usage most will be hard pressed to notice the difference, unless you bench. but for everyday use, you won't notice it.

    SSD is A LOT faster than mechanical drives whether running at sata2 or 3.
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