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The Maxtor 80GB D740X Retail version has the Mf# LO1J080G which comes with the AT133 PCI card. What I cannot find anywhere is which model of the D740X comes in the retail box. I assume it is the 6L080J4 and not the 6L080L4 which I would prefer. On that note besides being quiter what are the benefits of having the FDB motor versus the BB version? I am unable to find any reviews comparing these versions to one another. I am going to call maxtor tommorrow and ask them which drive is included in the retail box and what the differences are besides one being quiter. No where does it state that the FDB version produces less heat on the maxtor site or anywhere else for that matter that I can find. I see people posting it produces less heat on this forum but where do they get that information? Jumping to conclusions?

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  1. You have to tell by the kit #, but Maxtor Customer Service and the retailer would be the only one's that could desiper that for you. I would be on the same assumption that you are on that the kit # that you are looking at doesn't have the HDB drive in it.

    With the bearing motor, I have actually only heard that they produce less noise. Of course it's going to be silent, but maybe a lot less noisy. <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=blue>StorageReview looked into it and basically said that it wasn't that much more quieter then a BB.</font color=blue></A>

    As for the heat I would have to say it's an assumption. I have one at work that's an eval, and it seems to get as hot as my other Maxtor drives and the other drives that are the same series but different bearing. So if anyone has any solid information that it's suppose to lower heat could you post it?
  2. I suspect that the MF# LO1J080G on the retail box would read L01L080G for the FDB moter version. I will let you know what maxtor tells me sometime tonight.

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  3. Called Maxtor Tech Support and Sales Support... Tech Support said that the FDB Motor is quieter, cooler and is smoother meaning it has a longer life expectancy and will not develop the familiar clicking sound associated with BB motor drive failures. That begs the question as to what it would sound like, if any difference in sound is audible, if and when it did fail. Tech Support also said that the information he gave me other than that the FDB motor version is quieter is information that he has heard from his fellow employees and he has not seen this information on paper officially but believes emphatically that it is correct. Even so, I am still wondering if that information is all correct. Product support said that the drive in the retail box can be either the FDB or BB motor version and there is no way to tell which is in the box without opening the box and looking at the drive itself. That is both good and bad news since you can get the FDB motor version in the retail box. The bad thing is that most stores will not want you to open all there HD boxes looking for all the FDB motor versions. Try explaining why you want to open all the HD boxes to the store employee/s and see how far you get, lol. To be sure you get all FDB motor versions you can buy OEM's or open all your local store boxes. Both of those choices IMO suck. Something important to note is that Sales Support said they are not marketing the FDB motor version against the BB motor version. Maxtor is selling the two versions of the D740X as the "same" drive thus you can get either one in the retail box. It is the public market itself that started the trend of purchasing the FDB motor version versus the BB motor version not Maxtor. PS. I hope Staples has a shrink wrapper in the back. :~)

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