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Which Graphic card to buy

Hello there,

I'm new to this community and i wanted some advice from you guys.

My current computer configuration is
Intel DP55WB (Motherboard)
i5 750 @2.66 Ghz (Processor)
4GB DDR3 (Ram)
500W (Power Supply)
XFX 8800 GTS 320 mb (video Card)

I was thinking about getting a graphic card, and I made some research on the internet and
I came across some graphic cards that meets my budget :
ATI Radeon HD 7750 and HD 7770
Nvidia 650 or 650 ti

I am basically a novice to this and had some doubts. Whether These cards would be compatible with my motherboard or do i need to change that too. Also which one should i go for. I only play games at normal settings i.e that is i don't tweak the settings. Any suggestions would be of great help
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  1. ur MB is just fine since it supports PciE 2.0 16x

    but in term of GPU Choice , if u could spend a little more and go with a 7870 Ghz Edition u would get much more Performance and wouldnt' have to worry about running upcoming new games
    ( if not then the 650Ti is the way to go )
  2. Thanks for the suggestion but this one costs around $230 and i won't be able to spend that much.
    Should i go for 650Ti
  3. Best answer
    7770 < 650Ti , so yes that's the one u should get

    with this card u'll get ACIII For free and it's been OCed , so u should get better performances
  4. just one more thing. This Gpu requires PCI express 3.0 slot but my motherboard i think has a 2.0 slot, so will this be compatible
  5. yes it will ( Pcie 3.0 and 2.0 use the same "slot" )
    16x Pcie 2.0 interface is more than sufficient for a 680GTX or a 7970 , so u won't have any problem @ all .
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