Upgrading a 1.5 year old PC

I'm new, and Tom's was recommended to me by a gamer buddy.

I bought a computer off cyperpower ~1.5 years ago for everyday and casual gaming use. Thought it would be nice to upgrade it a bit and purchased a Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition processor to replace the Anthlon II x2 265 processor I had in the PC. I swap it out and boot it up, everything works smooth and a tad faster until I try to play a game of SC2. Starts out at 100+ fps then shoots down to 2-4 fps once more than 15 units were on the screen. Turning 2 of the 4 cores off helped me get back up to ~10 fps average.

I have 8gb of 1333 Mhz memory
500gb HD of 7200rpm
motherboard is asustek M4N68T-M V2
Videocard is a Geforce GTX 550 TI
CPU is Phenom II x4 965 Black Box Edition (Overclocking it to 3.8Ghz)

Also checked to make sure my drivers were updated and they were, other than my Bios which is one version behind, but I am unskilled at flashing a bios and worried I would F it up.

Any advice or ideas of what could be happening? A friend suggested it might be the motherboard.
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  1. Sounds like a power problem. How many watts is the new processor vs. the old one? Do you have a big enough power supply?
  2. Also, I forgot to ask: Are you trying to overclock this thing? If so, try using the default settings.
  3. My old CPU was an Athlon II X2 265 Dual Core which is a 65 watts vs the Phenom II X4 965 BE which is 125 watts.

    I bought an XTREMEGEAR 800 WATT POWER SUPPLY with original build. So I am fairly certain it's not a power problem... I am overclocking my 3.4Ghz to ~3.9Ghz and haven't noticed any trouble.

    To be a bit more specific, the graphic lag lasts for about ~30 seconds (When playing Tribes Ascend on 2nd to lowest graphic setting) or until I close the game and restart it. Just randomly lags, then disappears. I've got GPU-Z to record while gaming, and the temp never goes above 60*C, but from what I've googled, that might be too hot...
  4. After reading around about the power supply, it seems like the one I got has a notorious history of being shady. Looks like I might take a trip to a local store for a brand name PSU....
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