Hi I have purchased an EK backplate for a GTX 690 with the intention of putting it under water, however I have decided to stay with air.

My question is, can I still install the backplate to the GPU without the water block installed? All the screws seem to line up and everything seems like it would be fine, but just want to make sure and want to see if anybody else has done something similar to this and could share their experiences.

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. "The backplate does not serve as a standalone unit and is compatible only with EK-FC690 GTX waterblock!"

    So, no.

    FYI, in case you weren't aware when you play PHYSX games such as Borderlands 2 it's often better to use one GPU for the game and one for PHYSX and NOT an SLI setup.

    a) in some cases the frame rate is actually BETTER that way (it varies)
    b) no micro-stutter caused by a 2xSLI setup (your GTX690's two GPU's in SLI mode)

    So here's an example of two scenarios for Borderlands 2:

    Setup#1 (2xSLI):
    - 60FPS Adaptive VSYNC (runs at solid 60FPS)
    *micro-stuttering due to SLI

    Setup#2 (GPU1 for game; GPU2 for PHYSX)
    - 60FPS Adaptive VSYNC (runs at solid 60FPS)
    (no micro-stuttering. game more enjoyable)

    Other SLI info:
    Due to micro-stuttering it is not recommended to use SLI mode when you can already hit a solid 60FPS in any game. Take LFD2 for example. You don't even need one GPU to hit 60FPS and max quality. However, if you use SLI you still get the micro-stuttering despite the fact that there's no need for that much processing power.

    Experiment in the open world by gliding and grappling to see if you get stutter with DX11, PHYSX or both.

    The game stutters far too much with a single GTX680. I experimented a lot and finally just disabled both for smooth game play.

    Again, don't use SLI for this game. Use a dedicated GPU for PHYSX. Without PHYSX a single GTX680 can get over 60FPS with a good system. So you can dedicate the second GPU for PHYSX and again, avoid micro-stutter.

    I'd be interested to know if you can enable DX11 + PHYSX in this manner and play just as smooth as with a single GTX680/670 with DX11 and PHYSX disabled.
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