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So I've been doing more research into my home built computer that I'm going to be making soon. I've found a mobo that almost fits my needs... but I'm buying the ASUS Version of the graphics card, and the mobo is the Gigabyte version. The ASUS version of the same mobo doesn't have everything I need, so I was just wondering, are there benefits to having both parts the same brand, or can I mix and match? Also, the mobo only has 1 fan port, and I wanna put 4 fans on. Are there any adapters or other ways I could plug fans in? Thanks all, Richard

Also, of course, I'm a newbie, so any other suggestions and things are appreciated!
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    Brands matching is more a preference thing, and you wont see any drastic benefits from running asus with asus vs one with gigabyte or whatever. they will all work as long as their other specifications match. they make converter cables for IDE plugs which turn them into fan ports, which are the old school power connectors coming off of the power supply that most old disk drives and hard disk drives used as power plugs.
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