Can DVD drives be used as a bootable device?

I've been looking into the DVD+RW drives here lately and most of the manufacturers say that they can not be used as a bootable device nor do they come with DOS drivers. I was thinking that these drives would be a CD-ROM replacement but it seems that may not be true. Are they any DVD drives that can be used as a bootable device or have DOS drivers, or does anyone know different then the people I spoke with at the "Technical" support line?

If you are asking why, well if you have to replace a hard drive (upgrade or crash) couple of options if it can't be used as a bootable device, have both a DVD and CD-ROM drive, install a CD-ROM for re-installing the new OS, or put the drive in another system and copy the instalation files over somehow.

Anyone hear anything about a bootable DVD disc?


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  1. My Toshiba DVD will boot with ie. a Windows 98 disk in it.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  2. so then it would depend on things like the mainboard and the manufacturer of the drive. great.. I guess I need to ask more questions of those that have thier name of these drives :). Thanks for the info,


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  3. yep. dvd drives behave just like cd-rom's
    had zero probs with my pioneer 106s.
    lots of booting.

    oh, and ive also booted once from my cdrw.

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  4. As lhg said, it's treated the same as a CDROM. Do it as you would with a regular CDROM.

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  5. then the only question would be is... are any of you using a DVD+RW drive, and are you able to boot from it? that's the kind of drive that I wanted to get, but sony said thiers could not be used as a boot device.


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