Upgrading the 6850, please help me choose

Hello, I have been getting a bottleneck with my GPU (Radeon HD 6850). I play a lot of graphics heavy games like battlefield, the Crysis series, planetside 2, etc and I am not able to get satisfactory results currently.

I am looking for a card that I could get for 200-300 bucks that will allow me to run most games on max (or at least high) even when playing large multi-player games or games that are texture heavy. Any advice? The more future proof the card, the better.
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  1. Whats your PSU and CPU?

    Anyway hoping that you got a 500W or greater PSU and atleast a core i3 CPU, I suggest you these cards:

    GTX 660 Ti (Gigabyte, Asus and MSI versions are perfect)

    HD 7950 (Sapphire version more preferable)
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