Nvidia geforce gt 630m vs amd radeon hd 7670m

which graphics is better.
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  1. http://www.notebookcheck-tr.com/AMD-Radeon-HD-7670M.74754.0.html

    As i see here, GT 630M is slightly faster in general, and faster in some games. At certain games though hd 7670m leaps a little ahead of GT 630M. IMO they have identical performance. Depends of what games you will prefer to play.

    Have a look at this chart:


    The chart shows 7670M a little better than GT 630M but in real, they are similar in performance. So whatever you choose, won't be the bad choice imo
  2. If you can find a laptop with GT 650M in a similar price range like those you mentioned, get it. It performs much better than those 2
  4. Anjuv your wrong. Go check (http://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=773&gid2=594&compare=radeon-hd-7670m-vs-geforce-gt-630m) it says the the 7670m is 7% better! Personally Id go with the Radeon 7670m because its shader processing units are alot more than the Nvidia 630m. I have had a Radeon GPU in my laptop and its performed much better than I expected even better than others expected.
  5. I really like Nvidia those CUDA cores measurements are really great to understand and take into account. Among those two options both are good, the only thing about AMD is that they get slightly hotter, yet i don't know if they have improved that a lot.
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