Sub-$50 Case Conundrum

I've been looking at cases, and I've found 4 sub-$50 cases I like.
One main feature that I'm looking for is the painted interior.
Side window would be a plus, but it's not necessary, since I can make one myself.

The challenge is now, which to pick?
Which do you think is the best, based on price & features?

Rosewill CHALLENGER ~ $49 on eBay

COOLER MASTER Elite 430~ $45 on Newegg

Xigmatek ASGARD II ~ $34 on eBay

XION XON-180 ~ $35 on Newegg ($25 with $10 mail in rebate)

Let the battle begin.
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  1. Go with the Rosewill or Cooler Master. Anything below the $50 is usually cheap for a reason, i.e. shoddy build quality etc.
  2. personally i will go with CM elite, looking from its photos, it should have pretty good air flow from front to back/top
  3. I add some challengers to the field.

    If you think you can get the rebate.
    Zalman Z9+. $60 ($10 rebate)

    Or not.
    Zalman Z9. $47 ($10 rebate)

    or if you can.
    Zalman ZM-Z9. $68 ($20 rebate)
  4. Oh, I missed that Z9 because of the rebate. It looks pretty swish!
  5. Zed_Spooge said:

    They are nice cases, I just don't like that front pannel too much. Picky personal preference, I know.
  6. Ok now it's defintally between these two cases:
    Both have wire routing, 2 side panels, 3 Pre-installed fans.

    ZALMAN ZM-Z9 U3 $48 (after rebate)
    Front pannel display
    Side Window

    A bit more expensive
    Mail in rebates are VERY sketchy.

    Rosewill CHALLENGER-U3 $40
    Screw-less features
    Less expensive

    No real cons, just a few less features than the Z9
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