Restart suddenly

i have pc core I3 with 2G RAM , OS windows 7

The computer restart suddenly with no reason and the most time it restart after sleeping , it wake up and 3 to 10 second it restart ( like the power is gone )

I change the hard disk with new windows same problem
I change the Power supply same problem
I change the RAM same problem
I change the VGA same problem

any idea ???
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  1. I was going to suggest that it's either the PSU or the RAM, and to try running a memtest86+ session for an hour or so. But try resetting the BIOS to its defaults (or "fail safe" on some versions).

    Unplug any peripheral you don't need, like webcams, microphones, external drives, USB hubs, etc. They could be draining too much power from the PSU.

    It could also be the motherboard itself. Inspect it for any fat or rounded top capacitors (if you know what a capacitor looks like). They have a little cross at the top and the top should be flat, not blown out.
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