Trying to setup permanent link between PC and 120hz 1080pi HD LED TV


Linking 120hz 1080pi HD LED TV to PC?
My Husband and I recently got a new TV. We only have basic cable, so one of the things I was looking forward to was creating a permanent link between our pc and TV so we could watch things on the tv screen that we can't otherwise get (stuff not available via hulu plus or netflix).

We bought a splitter so we could connect the regular monitor and the tv via vga/pc port. My computer does not have HDMI, so that's not an option. We also bought the aux cable needed to get sound through the tv, and a wireless mouse and keyboard.

We got it all set up and it was working pretty well. Picture quality on the TV from the PC wasn't perfect ( some ghosting) I think because TV refresh rate in 120 and PC is only 60, But, It was much preferable to watching stuff on my PC, so I was happy.

But, then we started having problems with the PC. The monitor picture was terrible- fuzzy and blurry and we kept getting error messages that resolution wasn't set right but when I went to display it wouldn't let me correct it.

So, do I A. have to unplug the monitor and plug in the TV every time I want to watch the PC on the TV? Or is there some way to fix this?
I really want to be able to just switch the tv to the right input, grab my wireless mouse and keyboard and go, but if that isn't possible, I'll deal.

Do I need a new Video Card for the PC? I can't figure out if that would help and don't want to go through the hassle if it won't. The card we have now is fine for our normal use of the pc- internet surfing and the occasional pc game.

My PC is an HP running on Vista and the video card that came with it is ATI Radeon HD 4200. The monitor is an HP 2010i. Since we hooked it up to the tv, the computer is no longer recognizing what type of monitor we have it's listing it as "generic" under devices, and when we unhooked the tv the picture quality on the pc monitor improved and error messages went away, but it still didn't return to normal. I'm wondering if we could have damaged the card?
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  1. Depends on the exact video card model you have. Does it have a display port? Then you can use a dp-to-hdmi adapter for the TV. The problem is the splitter. The card can only detect one of the "monitors" connected to it and this seems to be the TV at the moment. Your monitor uses 1600 x 900 pixel and your TV 1920*1080. That's why the picture is bad. The ghosting is caused by the splitter or a long cable.
  2. There's a dvi port? I could pick up a dvi-hdmi adapter and give that a try. Thanks. I do think you are absolutely right about the spliiter/ long cable though. For one, i didn't realize my husband never fully removed the splitter, he just disconnected the tv! So I just did that and the picture quality on my monitor is fully restored and the computer now recognizes the monitor. Then, I tried connecting directly to tv from pc without the splitter- the tv picture was MUCH better, though still slight ghosting. And, it is a long cable, because it needs to be. So, in the worst case we will just have to reconnect every time I want to watch pc content on my tv and the picture quality will be sufficient enough. But, I'm going to try the dvi-hdmi connection and see if that works better. Thanks so much!
  3. Try the dvi adapter and if you have still trouble with the ghosting, check the cable: keep power cables away from it, no loops,....
  4. Thanks for the help! I'm heading out to run some errands now and will grab an adapter. Will post back with outcome...
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