Which gpu should i go with?

So im looking for a gpu for my new 700$ budget gamer im building and i would like some input on which gpu i should go with.

My preference is radeon cards so ive listed 3 im interested in. The gpu needs to be >200$ to stay in budget but id gladly spend less in the name of bang for buck.

If there is an equal nvidia card for a similar or lower price as these that is a better performer im remaining open minded for those cards.




My thoughts were the 7870 at that price but of the performance difference between a 7850 and 7870 isnt super great im not against saving a bit of money. Also are the HIS cards a good brand?

I included a link to the build minus the gpu here


Thanks in advance
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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/ca/p/pek0

    with a 660 gtx which is better than the 7850, the cpu changed as well for the better.
  2. Would consider a gtx660 is it better then the 7870?

    As for the rest of build its non negotiable. ->AMD<- with all red/black theme.

    Thanks for the gpu suggestion though.
  3. Its your loss, the fx6300 is a really crappy cpu, with the i5-3570k for games almost doubles the fps.
    The 660 gtx i was comparing with the 7850.
    Edit : either way which cpu you chose, go for a 7870 msi hawk at 199.99$ its the best card. :

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