New PC build not booting

Hi I just finished building my New PC build, and basically when i tried starting it up it turns on for a bit all the fans spin then it turns off again then it turns on again all the fans spin and it keeps doing this until I un plug the power. Also with this process all of the LED's on the motherboard go red then they turn off, also the DRAM LED mainly stays red. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ?

PC Specs.

i5 3570k
Asus p8z77 v-pro motherboard
Samsung 128 gb pro series
Western digital 1tb hdd
LG optical drive with blu ray
Antec 1200 v3
EVGA gtx 660 sc
Corsair GS 800 PSU
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  1. AMD Radeon said:

    Thanks but it still doesn't work, I noticed some thermal paste on the motherboard and the screw holes where you screw it into the stand offs and some of the metal stubs have come off after I screwed it in.
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