Windows XP/Surround sound issue

OK, I used to have windows ME and my speakers worked abosultely fine. Now that I have upgraded to winXP my two rear surround sound speakers don't play music in most applications such as winamp, dvd players, and a few games. Windows media player and some other games will use the two rear speakers however. My system is:
1.2 Athlon
384 DDR Ram
SB Live 5.1 platinum
Klipsch 2.4 speakers
Geforce 2 ultra

-Jason Falk
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  1. XP handles sound in a little different but better way. Go into Control Panel, Multimedia, and make sure you set the speaker system to match your specific setup. Default is 2-channel stereo. There are settings for 5.1, and 7.1 surround.

    Chris B
    Webtronix PC
  2. Tried that already, didn't work. But thanks anyways.
  3. Did you install the new driver on Creative's web site? I have some problem with the driver. Everytime I reboot my computer the rear speaker stop working. I have to change setting in Creative's Surround Mixer to 2 speakers and then change back to 4 speakers in order for all four speakers to work.
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