Will a Asus 7870Hd be enough

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ill be ordering on the 15th of this month
BUDGET RANGE: $200-350 Before Rebates USAGE
will be for Gaming online mostly bf3 & COD at high to full settings and photo editting.
CURRENT GPU none yet
AND POWER SUPPLY: will be depening on my power needs right now i have 500w
I also have on order a I5-3570 .
I really have no desire to over clock so no need to factor that in. O yeah my mobo is a Gigabyte Intel Z77 LGA1155
All my other components for this build will be determined on my gpu. I'm just really trying to find out if the 7870 will play nice with gpu
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  1. if you are not overclocking, you should have gotten the i5 3470 for 179.99. the 3570 is 20 bucks more for not a noticeabole speed gain. you also should not have gotten a z77 board if you were not to overclock

    onboard GPU can play cod at high settings but bf3 is a different story.

    given a 660 is cheaper and performs the same or better than the 7870, id suggest getting it instead
  2. ^^What he said!
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