Need advice for my build

I'm going to build an entry/mid-level gaming PC
so I choose to build like this:

Motherboard: ASUS P8H67-M
CPU: Core i5 2400
GPU: HD 6670
Memory: G.SKILL F3-16000CL9D-4GBRM Ripjaws DDR3 2000 MHZ (2X2GB) DDR3
HDD: Seagate SATA III 1TB 7200RPM 16Mb 3.5Inch
PSU: Simbadda 500w

what do you think?

Thanks in advance :)
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    Budget? Prices of current parts in your area?
    But as for opinions, I advise that you change the RAM. 1600MHZ offers the best value generally, and often you can get 8gb of that for the same price, which will probably be better. I would also go with an ivybridge I3 (a 3220 for example)as it is much better suited to your build, is almost as powerful, more power efficient and cheaper. And as most games only require dual cores, only rare exceptions will see any kind of difference (I'm looking at you Battlefield 3 -_-) and even then it is small.
    Games are most dependant on the gpu, so I'd recommend something more advanced than the 6670, more like the 7850 (1 or 2gb version, go for 2gb unless there is more than a $20 price difference). This will give you an idea of performance:

    As for the motherboard, its okay, but this one may be better for the price:
    Apparently you can't use RAID on it (a special way of using two or more hard drives simultaneously), but appears to have everything else, and Asus have a nice BIOS, so that's a plus XD.
    The hard drive is fine, thats purely down to how much space you'll need, although its good to note that 2tb drives often cost less per unit of storage than 1TB ones, but it depends on your budget.

    But as for the power supply... I have never heard of it, and can't find it anywhere I'm afraid. But be warned, if you buy a cheap one, it could blow up, taking your computer with it, so I recommend a reputable brand, such as corsair, XFX, seasonic or OCZ, such as this:

    You haven't mentioned a case, but you do need to make sure all of these compenents fit, especially the gpu and motherboard, and has decent cooling.
  2. ouch, unfortunately I've just bought the motherboard (from my friends $30) and the gpu ($60)
    the case I think is already fit to motherboard,its Power Up BC-G9903 (I got it for free :lol: )
    now I need a processor (and I think I would take that i3 3220 it's about $100) but the memory I still don't understand which one is the good one? Do you mean I better to buy 1pcs of 8gb of ram 1600MHz ( and about the psu, could I try it first? or I have to bought the new one?
    So actually I have budget for my cpu, hdd, and memory is about $220,, what do you think? (this is my condition, I think I have a thight budget :lol: )
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  4. argh,, how could I mark this thread as solved?? I still have question,, :lol:
  5. Sorry, forgot completely about checking my inbox yesterday. No, the memory is an option, but dual channel (2 sticks) is better I do believe
    I'm running that in my system right now, and its great XD.
    And as for the power supply, if you try it, be prepared to take the chance that you may have to replace your entire pc if it blows up. If you can't afford the other one, then this also works:
    This just about meets the minimum recommended, but I'd still go for the other, as you want roughly double your average power consumption (best efficiency for the power supply is around 50%), and its easier to upgrade later on.
    And after those, just get whatever hard-drive that you can afford (main things are how fast and large you want them).
  6. btw I've been told that my mobo doesn't support DDR3 1600MHz,, won't it be such a waste to bought this?
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