ATI Radeon HD 5870 - thoughts?

I'm planning on building a new pc with the purpose of gaming and was wondering how the 5870 is. I know it's an older card but a friend has a spare and he's willing to give it to me for free. It's free so i have nothing to lose but if it isn't up to par then i may be better off buying a more recent card.
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  1. It's still pretty good. You can play most any game on High settings at 1080p, with or without antialiasing - depending on how smooth a framerate you want. It does draw a decent amount of power, so make sure you've got a >400w PSU.
  2. ^^ Good card still.

    I wish I had friends like yours ;)
  3. it is on pair with 560Ti so you should be fine on 1080 unless you go crazy on eye candies.,2662.html?prod%5B5147%5D=on&prod%5B4852%5D=on
  4. You can also pick a second one up for cheap, to give it competitive power. It's what I'd do, if you have a motherboard and power supply to support it.
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