Cooling and crossfire questions

So I recently finished my new set up (specs below) and I'm reading some interesting temps off my GPU. Ambient temp is usually between 15 and 22c, bear in mind. Idle @ 43c, during gaming (Even games like GTA iv not maxed out, it reaches 85c and under full load it reached 96c after 4 minutes and I just turned it off there because I knew it was going to keep rising and I didn't want to damage it.

I'm pretty sure this is a faulty gpu and the fans were failing to start yesterday anyway so I'll be replacing it. I'd still like to improve cooling, though.

The cable management in my case is fine, nothing that could disrupt front to back airflow in any significant way but, regardless, I'm going to be replacing stock case fans with Noctua NF-F12s and I'm also going to pick up an extra one for the side panel. My question on cooling is this: Would it be better to have the side panel an exhaust or input fan facing the gpu? I can see the advantages to both, an exhaust would allow the heat from the gpu to be removed quicker and input would be blowing cooler air directly on the gpu but I don't know which would be better.

Is this something I should just play around with and see or is there a definite answer?

As for my question on crossfire, I also have a spare Radeon HD6670 lying around. Compared to the 7950 it's a pretty poor GPU, but;

1) If I were to install it, would I notice a significant boost in performance? It is an extra GPU but I'm not well read up on this and to me it feels like it would just be a "dead weight" for my power consumption.
2) Could a 600W psu handle it?

Thank you, Clayton.


MSI Z77 G43
CPU + Cooler
3570k +Arctic 7 pro (Surprisingly good. 60-65c under full load which is nice for a £14 cpu cooler)
XFX Double Dispersion HD7950
2X4GB low profile ram (cant remember brand)
Case, PSU and HDD
Corsair Carbide 300R, Corsair cx600 and WD 1tb
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  1. About your temps It does sound like your video card fans are failing so i would say open the case and watch them, while you play games and it says your temps are at 85 C and rising.... if the fans do not spin they are faulty and i would recommend RMA'ing the card.

    to answer your questions

    1. You can only crossfire cards that are in the same series: 7950 series with 7970 series, 7850 with 7870 series, etc.... You can not crossfire older cards with newer cards: 6000 series with 7000 series...... and lastly it wouldn't even recognize it in games so yes dead weight on your power consumption.

    2. and yes your PSU could handle it but i don't understand why you would add it in there referring to #1
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