Graphics Card upgrade, $100 budget

First of all, I am new to Tom's Hardware, so that's there.
On to the main question: What graphics card do I need?
Here's my specs.
HP Compaq dc5800
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 GHz
1GB DDR2 6400 Memory
Intel GMA 3000
No HD (broken, needs replaced)
No OS (upgrading to Vista Business) Why? I NEED DirectX 11
It says something about ADD2, and it has an open PCIe x16 slot.
What do I need?
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  1. That is all dependent on what games you intend on playing, and at what resolution. With 1GB of ram, you will be rather limited there as well. There would be no reason to go beyond a Nvidia 640 with that rig, or you will bottle neck other things. Just about ANY video card will work. Don't spend more than about $100 on a graphics card, or it will be overkill for your system.
  2. Question 1: NVIDIA or AMD?
    Question 2: What model?
    Here are my specs.
    HP Compaq dc5800
    Intel Core(TM) 2 Duo @ 2.66GHz
    300 watt power supply
    1GB DDR2 SYNCH 6400 RAM
    No HDD
    No OS
    That's as much as I can get on info. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Get a AMD HD7750, thats the max I would suggest you go especially without knowing the quality of your PSU.
    This is a good model and is cheap

    And get a HDD and OS too(obviously).
  4. Also, I plan on playing TF2, Minecraft, AC3, Blacklight:Retribution, etc.
  5. Bonus question: Is Vista Business OK?
  6. Go for Win7
  7. on pretty much all of those games you would have to play on low settings. also you should probably buy a hard drive, and more ram
  8. If you have a preference please post it. The winning brand gets the PCIe x16 slot in my computer.

    =====Live Tally=====
    AMD 0
    NVIDIA 0
    =====Live Tally=====
  9. Neither is good for their price.
  10. I read the benchmark and NVIDIA GeForce GTX won only one more benchmark than the AMD did.
    =====Live Tally=====
    NVIDIA 3
    AMD 2
    Neutral 1
    Note: I use extra tallies from other posts.
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    What Graphics Card do I Need?
    Vote: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 vs AMD Radeon HD 7750
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