GTX550 or 560 and PSU

New here don't need to welcome me....But I'm hitting my head on the wall just to figure out which card I should get
GTX550Ti or the 560?
One major factor is my PSU which is 400W has 6pin pcie connectors.
I'm thinking of using the card for light-med gaming and some graphics modeling(3D models,animating etc)
The price gap is quite big since I plan on getting the Asus brand--gd quality ;)
About 100USD for the 550
And 211USD for the 560
I know its a lot so I was thinking of OCing the 550 so it could at least reach the level of the 560,all advise welcome!
Current location@Hong Kong
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  1. Depending on the rest of your system and the quality of your PSU, it would be a tight fit for GTX550. It might work but without any headroom for OC. GTX560 is out of the question.
  2. Thx,So what PSU wattage would you guys recommend? 500?550?Cuz I might add other upgrades in the near future like maybe a new cpu and a usb 3.0 card
  3. At least quality 450W for GTX550ti and 500W for GTX560. Maybe more, if you have a very power hungry CPU.
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