CIT Mars Midi Tower Gaming Case - Please Help

I recently bought all of the components for a new computer and 2 of those things was obviously the Case and the motherboard.

My case:

My Motherboard:

Now with the case their are some connectors but i dont know where a few of them go :(

Such as the 2 front panel fan connectors, their is only space for one of them on the motherboard but it wont fit anyway because the motherboard is a 3 pin and the front panel fans a both 2 pins.

Another thing is that there are 2 different H.D.D LED cables one that has a + and a - on it and one that doesnt and again there is only enough room for one of them and im not sure what to do with that.

And finally the case comes with a LCD Display on the front which is suppost to show the CPU temperature, how much the hard drive is working and the Time, but i have no idea what to do with the cable that comes from it because it is not a connector it is just some cables coming out of it and then at the end they are just the wires with no insulation around them, so i have no clue what to do with that.

Please help! :/
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  1. Your motherboard manual will tell you the proper placement of the +-cables and the rest of the case headers (power LED, reset switch, etc).
  2. I have looked at the mothernoard several times and it says nothing about 2 H.D.D connectors, i have already plugged in the other things like the power switch and reset switch etc.

    Motherboard Manual:

    But i still dont know what to do with the LCD Display port on the front with the cable without a connector on it.

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