HDMI stopped displaying to tv

Hi. I've tried everything. Different cables. Different tv's. Fn keys. The laptop recognizes when the tv is plugged in. It even shows the tv in the audio mixer. Yet, no picture or sound displayed on the tv. I've tried 4 different display drivers. I even reinstalled windows and still nothing. Can anyone help?

toshiba satellite s855-s5254
tv is LC-55td5
windows 7, intel 4000
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  1. thanks for the help everyone.........
  2. Have you solved it?

    If not, did you try hitting windows key + P?
  3. Nope haven't solved it. Yes I've tried that too. It stopped working one day and I've had no luck figuring out why.
  4. Looks like a pretty new computer. It looks like the HDMI port just stopped working. You could try reinstalling windows in case it's software problem, but if it's hardware one, you'll have to call the warranty.
  5. I already tried reinstalling windows. It didn't help. Yeah I'm starting to think it must be a hardware problem. It shows the tv in the display settings and the computer beeps when I plug and unplug the hdmi..... just doesn't send the signal I guess. Thanks for your input.
  6. I see. The only thing I can suggest to do now is to contact the warranty service. They should fix it.
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