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Hello,I Need a good home buid pc.I Have corsair vengance 4gb ram,coolermasterthunder 500w psu.Need help choosing a cpu amd fx6300 or i3 3rd gen(3220 or 3225). A Good motherboard having sata6gb,usb3,pci3 and pci2.not overclocking,crossfire and support for 1600mhz and below 7500rupees. I buy things on .Need a mid ranged gpu under 6500rupees.
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  1. The I3 3225 is not much better than the 3220 except that it has a built in GPU. Since you are already going with a discrete GPU I would skip the 3225. Personally, I am in the same situation and am opting for the FX 6300. The AMD chip uses a lot more electricity but it can be overclocked and kills the I3 on multi-core programs.
  2. personally i will get i3 3220 because very few programs that utilize 6 core in daily usage. power wise is important. and in game, intel shines :)
  3. i found if we use fx we dnt get pci3..i chosed i3 3220 bt which board i thnk h77 or b75.dnt need z77.i doesnt plan to oc.need pci3 sata6gbs usb3 win8.
  4. h77 has pcie 3.0 sata 3GBS and usb 3 is a must in modern mobo

    fpr 6500 rupee. how much is it in USD?
  5. Motherboard: Asus P8B75-M-LX . It is a good Motherboard for your Baby Processor.
    Even I am Buying it for my new PC Build
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