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Bought New Computer & Need Help!!

Hi guys i bought this computer on sale yesterday.
I don't know alot about computers but i love playing League of Legends. Will i be able to run League Of Legends decently on this computer? Any suggestions?
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  1. Maybe, but it's got onboard graphics, so no graphics card, that's a bit of a problem when gaming! I've never played league of legends but i don't think it would run it very well because of the onbord graphics. You would problably be better off building your own pc, or buying this and then buy a graphics card for it, but you take the risk of compatibility and if it fits!
  2. If you already made the purchase then theres no going back i would assume so firstly when you can purchase a gpu for it. The onboard isnt going to do much for you game wise. Just make sure you do a bit of research before ypu buy.
  3. unluckysummoner, if you want to get a graphics card, i would go with this 1 :
  4. That is if you are on a budget !:)
  5. Dang not sounding too good =( i can't really a nice gaming computer. don't really care about it looks low graphics are fine i just want to be able to play it decently. Is the computer upgradable? Like the Video Card? Some one told me i could get one for a pci slot or something like that. how do i know if it has a pci slot?
  6. It depends on the motherboard inside the computer, it didn't say the make or anything in the spec on best buy, but it should at least 1 pci slot, that is where you plug in your graphics card. The pci slot is on the pc's motherboard, if you knew the pc motherboard make and name, i could tell you:/
  7. I'm sorry to say, but your motherboard doesn't have a pci slot to plug a graphics card in:/ So either you'll have to stay with what you've got, or sell that computer and get a new 1!:/ If you haven't purchased it, good thing you didn't:P
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    1) You have NO expansion slots, So can not add a dedicated GPU.
    Unfortunately you are stuck with the iGPU which is a HD2000.
    2) HD2000 performance:
    It is a Class 4, and many games are not playable. If you go to the link and scroll down you can get a feel for what games are playable. (didn't see yours listed)

    Added: Recommended requirements (for GPU)
    "•GeForce 8800 or equivalent video card (Dedicated GPU with 512MB+ Video Memory(VRAM))"

    Bottom Line - If possible, return and pick one (do some research before buying) that will meet your needs.
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