Crossfire 6950 throttles up for no reason

Both graphics cards throttle up and reach crazy temps when they should be on idle. Any ideas?
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  1. the reason is because they reach crazy temps so the amd driver throttles in order to prevent damage..

    check the fan, is it spinning..?
    and also make sure that your card is dust free..

    if your problem persist, then re apply our gpu thermalpaste..

    my question, what is your psu..?
  2. cards are clean and new both with spinning fans. Dont recall name of PSU buts its above whats needed.
  3. How do you now that your psu is suffice for your system needs, if you don't know the name, brand and wattage label..?

    Overheated graphics card can caused by bad quality output and insufficient psu...
  4. coolmaster 900
  5. problem was a virus that was throttling my CPU to 100 and both graphics cards to 100 while throttling down the fans. Aint had a virus in years but what a bitch of a virus.
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