GTX 650 2GB vs HD RADEON 7770 1GB

Would GTX 650 2GB, the extra Gig be able to kick the performance factor to beat the 7770?. Does the 7770 come in 2GB, if so would it be worth it? The GTX 650 2GB is the top of my budget. Which one is better of overall performance? :)
Gigabyte Z77-D3H
i7 3770

Thanks for all the help. Each opinion helps :)
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    HD 7770 is easily faster than GTX 650. Its no contest. GTX 650 is compared with HD 7750.
  2. No, the 7770 1GB > 650 2GB,3GB,6GB etc.
  3. go with the 7770
  4. 7770.
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