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Hello, I have a HP p7-1235 with AMD A8-5500 3.2Ghz and Radeon HD 7560D, it's about 3 months old with an Acer H233H as the primary(DVI Analog) and a older Samsung 223BW (VGA) as the secondary monitor. About a week ago the Samsung wouldn't show the extended desktop after it had been off for a few hours, whether it was after a cold boot or windows shuts it off after 30 minutes of activity. But if I push the power button on and off the Samsung, the display is restored.

The weird thing is that the display is active through the booting process, the windows is starting message displays but once windows 7 is through the bootup process the Samsung needs to have the power button cycled off then back on before it displays again. However if I turn the computer off for around an hour and reboot both monitors work fine.

I read on an HP forum that I should do a system restore to a time when I knew that the system was working so I did that and still have the same problem. So I assume it's not windows. Am I making the wrong assumption do you think.

If hardware is the issue is it more likely the mb video card or the monitor itself?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Are you using the latest video and monitor drivers?

    Sorry I should have mentioned that in my post. Yes I downloaded and installed them last week, before I did the system restore and still had the same issue after installing them.
  2. It was the monitor, I replaced it and haven't had any problems since
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