About to click buy, I welcome feedback on these components!

Sorry I posted this in the wrong section. No wonder I got no feedback LOL. Anyway, please can you guys comment on my components selection. I really appreciate the feedback. I have everything in my cart and am about to click buy. I just dont want to screw up somewhere Re: compatibility and "bang for your buck".


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  1. From other thread:

    Hi! Been a long time since I've done a build (think E6600 lol). Anyway, I'm faced with the dilemma of re-fitting my existing case vs building a completely new desktop. I dont want to waste cash but I can go for a completely new build if I can justify it. I just used an i7 this past weekend to encode some video and realized how ridiculous it is trying to encode on my current chip (takes 24 hours for a 1080p movie). I cant wait till Haswell seeing as though its only coming out on June 2nd now. I dont have a fixed budget but am looking for the "best bang for your buck" components, ie a value guy.

    -video encoding
    -photo editing
    -overall speed increases in file transfer (USB 3.0) and application access

    I have:
    -Antec P180
    -Antec NeoHe 550W
    -Asus P5WDH deluxe mobo
    -Thermalright Ultra heatsink
    -4GB OCZ Ram
    -Radeon HD 5770
    -4X Blu Ray player
    -various hard drives totaling about 3GB
    -6 fans (the box sounds like a lawnmower)

    What I need now:
    -i7 3770k for video encoding (http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1914/7/, best bang for your buck at #3, the other chips are a rip off)
    -mobo? (open to suggestions, currently thinking about the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO as its around $200 which is good price point, and it keeps showing up on CPU benchmarks in the top systems. My priority is encoding and if I look at this link, I should go with the Deluxe (my previous mobo was an Asus and I like the company), http://www.anandtech.com/show/6516 [...] nd-asus/19, but I just cant justify the extra $90 for more SATA connectors, and extra LAN port etc). But I really am open to other brands and ideas. Just want to the best mobo for the money that will kick butt with encoding, and hopefully it's an Asus.
    -heatsink (need ideas)
    -RAM (open to ideas, but I am looking at the G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 2133, or the G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 1866 for $50 bucks cheaper. I read this article and according to the value curve for encoding, the 1866 RAM would offer more bang for your buck (http://www.anandtech.com/show/6372/memory-performance-16gb-ddr31333-to-ddr32400-on-ivy-bridge-igp-with-gskill/11)

    What I can either get now with a fresh build, or plan to put in my current box down the road:
    -a SSD, decent size, maybe 200-300GB, still hunting for a deal
    -a 12X Blu Ray player

    What I would get with a fresh rebuild:
    -Antec Eleven Hundred case (cool and quiet, http://www.anandtech.com/show/6515 [...] -you-go/6)
    -Seasonic Fanless 520W PSU (best bang in the fanless category, http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews [...] L/11.html)

    Key decisions on whether to rebuild or not:
    -I really could use USB 3.0 with my photography. They P180 only has USB 2.0. This would be a big bummer if re-fitting.
    -my current box is horrifically loud. With a fresh build, I would plan to get a fanless PSU, and only put two fans in the box with 1 SSD. I have a Synology NAS for all my mass storage needs.

    Other things to consider:
    -will my current box if re-fitted, work with the Antec NeoHe 550W?
    -can I just pop the Radeon 5770 on to the new Asus mobo and have it work with my PSU
    -will whatever heatsink I get fit in the case (still looking for ideas)
    -besides noise and USB 3.0, what would I be giving up by re-fitting vs a fresh build

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me. TY TY.


    So I picked up a i7 3770k and am finalizing my components. As always, I've started to get carried away and have decided to build a fresh build. I welcome your feedback on the following. Again, I'm looking for value. I dont mind paying more or going cheap, as long as the bang for the buck is there. Again, primary use will be encoding and I would like the PC to be quiet.

    Case: Corsair Obsidian 550D = $120
    Mobo: Asus P8Z77-V PRO = $200
    CPU: i7 3770k = $220
    Heatsink: Noctua NH-D14 = $81
    RAM: G.Skill F3-1866C9D-16GXM DDR3 1866mhz (2 X 8GB) = $93
    SSD = Samsung 840 250GB MZ-7TD250BW (non-pro version) = $144

    TOTAL = $860

    I will be reusing my:
    Antec Neo HE 550W PSU
    Radeon 5770HD
    8X Lite On Blu Ray drive
    2TB WD
    2X Seagate 320gb

    Do you guys feel that the performance in these components is justified by the price? Do you think I could do better (i.e spend less but get relatively close performance). Also, are there any compatibility issues with these components. I've checked the G Skill RAM has clearance from the Noctua. I believe the Antec NeoHe 550W will power the mobo with the 20pin connector correct? I assume the Radeon 5770HD will work with the Asus P8Z77-V PRO until told otherwise etc. Thanks again!
  2. Your 5770 will work fine on that motherboard. I do however think that the P8Z77-V PRO is a bit on the more expensive side for a Z77 motherboard. However, if it has the features you need (no. of SATA ports, USB ports, PCIe and etc), then it's a good pick. Everything else seems good. I see no problem.

    It seems like you made sure about the clearance issue between the D14 and the RAM. Nice job
  3. Hey thanks! Yes, the V-PRO is $40 more expensive than the Gigabyte, which is a great board, but I really love Asus and this model comes with the ultra cool fan control software. As I'm focused on building a quiet PC for encoding (will be running all night while I sleep), the fan control will be important.

    Anyone else? I'm ready to click buy but just need some support that I've got the right stuff here. TY guys.
  4. I built myself an i5 system about a year ago and i built an i3 server for a friend as a gift. most new power supply if you buy them and size them right have active fan controllers on them. the fans on the power supply wont turn on in till a set temp is hit. your better off buying a larger power supply now (modular) (650-750w) so you have some head room if you drop in a newer gpu. the newer intel ib cpu run very cool at stock speed. if you pick up a good aftermarket cooler like the evo 212 or the one you have now with active fan speed. most times the fan going to run at it slowest speed do to low heat output if you have intel c1 states turn on where under low load the intel cpu turns off the non used cores and clocks down in speed. the trick with noise from a case is to use a fan controller to turn the fans down...or use a case with one or two large fans. 120mm fans the newer ones are almost silent at about 50 percent speed. most video system uses the ssd as the os boot and program drive. then have two drives one for data and the other for a scratch drive. most new asus intel mb going to have two intel 6g ports and two 6g 3 party chipset. I would read the mb guild and online reviews on how they work on setting up data drives on 3 party chipsets. in real life i would put the ssd on the intel 6g and all the other drives on the 3g port. ram drop down to 1600 speed. intel ib memory controler max speed is 1600. you can over clock it but your not going to see any real speed bump. ddr3 1600 runs at 800 speed. 1866 is 933 base speed. so your paying extra money for 133mgz. I would try and keep your old pc together as much as you can. use it a network storage back up. toss a 3 party os on it and a few hard drives and you can store your movies on it. if you have a local micro center they do have i7 a little cheaper and combo deals.
  5. Everything there looks pretty good. I have the ASUS V-PRO and that fan controller software is great. You'll love it.

    Like smorizio said though, if you're aiming for quiet make sure the PSU you have is quiet. A new gold rated PSU with an active fan controller is obviously silent when off, and basically inaudible when running. I had an older PC power and cooling 750W, and although it is a great PSU, it is a tornado compared to some of the newer supplies. Just something to keep in mind.
  6. Hey thanks. I think what I'll do is use my current PSU and if I'm unhappy with it, I can always slot a new one in. It should be relatively easy to do that in the Corsair 550D right? Can you recommend and good PSUs on the off chance I cant control myself LOL..... Thanks.
  7. Ok so basically bought all the stuff. Only thing remaining is the G.Skill RAM. Honestly, WTF happened to the prices????????? They are literally DOUBLE that of November, at least for the F3-1866C9D-16GXM kit. Just wow. WTF???? Any ideas to prevent myself from getting pawned here and prices halving next month?
  8. fish because of two things...one there was a memory vendor when under.
    most ram vendors are going to be switching from ddr-3 to ddr-4 ram.
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