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I have a acer aspire m3910
it has a Intel i3 550 at 3.20 GHz
16gb of DDR3 ram

I was hoping two upgrade my graphics card to a EVGA GeForce GTX 560Ti but i am not sure if it would fit
and I know I would need a new power supply as it is only a 300w supply at the moment so would like to
know what power supply you would recommend to run that card

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  1. It problably will fit, and to run this card you should get a 500W power supply, i recommend corsair, xfx, ocz and brands like these for a power supply, they are good quality:)
  2. thanks it's first time trying to upgrade my computer
    so I wasn't to sure
  3. Don't go for GTX 560 Ti, there are better cards in that range. It draws more power and isn't that powerful.
  4. If you don´t get the 560ti, get the gtx660 or amd 7850 ! there the best in that range:)
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