GPU Idle Temps Too high.

The Idle temp is too high

Sapphire 4890 1gb

not overclocked

i'm not sure what to do to fix it.
The only thing I'm running is skype, and firefox.

While running prime95, the temps drop to 70 degres celcius..

I took some compressed air and blew some dust away, but didn't help.

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  1. i tried reseating the heatsink, it sat around 40 degrees, but then boosted back up to 80 on idle.
  2. 90 degrees C under 98% load is not all that high for a graphics card. Especially not the HD4890. Those cards run hot...

    You sure it is 80C in idle? Show me a picture...
  3. He did show you a picture! Try running the fan in manual mode from CCC, start from 50% and see what effect it has on temp.
  4. That photo is under almost full load. Not idle.
  5. i figured out it was java malware. malwarebytes picked it up, thanks
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